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Repairs Workshop

The in-house guitar workshop is busy all year round

offering perhaps the most comprehensive

repair and service facility in South London and

North Kent.


I have clients returning month on month, year

on year, to benefit from our knowlege within the

sphere of acoustic, classic, electric, and electro

acoustic, guitar and basses.


With advice on how to look after your instrument,

periodic servicing and setting up, to pickup

replacement, broken neck repairs, fret levelling,

dressing, and replacement.


Every instrument is different and every musician either as a beginner, intermediate, or professional player is unique, so when you bring your guitar to Unisound I will want to sit down and talk, that way we can both be confident you will soon be enjoying your guitar at it's very best.


Having over forty years experience, why not call in.


Cliff Sanders. mimit, mpta.

Broken Guitar